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Criminal Defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

Omar Johansson is a leading Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer. He defends criminal charges in federal and state courts at both the trial and appellate levels. He has earned the reputation of defending the toughest cases and winning exceptional results.

  • As a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, Omar Johansson won an acquittal after a 6-week federal trial for the owner of a pharmacy who distributed controlled substances via internet questionnaires and without face-to-face examinations by a medical doctor. With his thorough preparation and detailed analysis of the law, Omar Johansson has also won dismissals on the eve of trial. Federal prosecutors dismissed possession of child pornography charges against a convicted sex offender after he forensically proved that the images did not depict minors or children. In a white collar crime case, state prosecutors dropped charges for selling stolen merchandise over the internet after Omar Johansson found exculpatory witnesses and presented them. State prosecutors in yet another case dropped the charges against Omar's client accused of criminal negligence in the operation of a personal water craft or Jet Ski. Omar Johansson demonstrated that all the regulations for safe operation were met; it was merely an accident and there was no criminal liability. At the federal level, FT Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Omar Johansson won the dismissal of federal bank and mortgage fraud charges after he interviewed numerous witnesses who were prepared to testify that his client was not aware of the false documents filed in her mortgage applications to the banks. The examples are boundless and come from years of experience and even more hard work. Broward criminal defense lawyer Omar Johansson can do the same for you!
  • Such thorough preparation and knowledge of the law often leads to reduce charges as well. A client threatened to report his employer to the IRS for tax fraud if the employer did not pay him an end-of-the year bonus after his unexpected termination. State prosecutors reduced the extortion (black mail) charges to a misdemeanor after Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Omar Johansson investigated the realities of the threats and the truth of the tax fraud. The alleged victim did not want his tax issues exposed. Federal prosecutors reduced charges against a client charged with distribution of child pornography after Omar Johansson forensically proved that another person in the household used the computer at issue, albeit with his client's knowledge. Similarly federal prosecutors reduced charges in another mortgage and bank fraud case after Omar Johansson presented exculpatory witnesses about his client's limited participation and delayed knowledge of the false documents submitted in the mortgage applications to the bank. Other lesser included or reduced charges include various drug and gun cases. After FT Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Omar Johansson won court order to disclose the identity of the confidential informant, the government agreed to lesser charges. Similarly, after a hung jury in a gun case, the government offered a lesser charge with a sentence to "credit for time served."

The government's version of events is rarely the truth. You need a lawyer willing to investigate the true facts of your case. Omar Johansson knows the law and will apply your true facts to the law; this process will drive the result. A detailed oriented Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer, Omar Johansson promises you the relentless pursuit of your criminal defense so he can win the exceptional result for you.

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